Curer Coils


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Curer Replacement Coils

So it has actually three separate elements that through they screw into the 510 thread. 

The Concentrate Coil is for wax, it’s the quartz coil with the heating element wrapped around it.

The Dry Herb Coil is a ceramic chamber with the heating elements inlaid in it. 

The Oil Coil is like your regular liquid vaporizer cartridges except that is a little stubbier and a unique design.


Concentrate coil
0.65 ohm
5.0 ~ 35 W
160 ~ 600 °F
316L + Quartz
Dry Herb Coil
0.4 ohm
5.0 ~ 35 W
160 ~ 600 °F
316L + Ceramic
Oil Coil
1.4 ohm
5.0 ~ 11 W
160 ~ 600 °F
Kanthal + Ceramic
Package: 3pc per pack

Concentrate Coil, Dry Herb Coil, Oil Coil


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